Sim Novels​​

What is a simNovel?  ​​​​esci is changing the way you will look at FSX missions!  Introducing the simNovels.  Each simNovel will provide an intriguing story in an e-book format.  At critical points in the story, you will take the controls of an aircraft and "become" one of the characters.   Successfully complete a mission–forward the plot of the story.  simNovels are intriguing, challenging but most of all immersive.

Pilate's Ghost

The Story:  ​​​​​​

It all started with a routine charter flight, that was definitely not routine. The the charter pilot takes on an extra flight to help a friend and in doing so, becomes a marked man. A Swiss Air Force Colonel is tasked with investigating an aircraft accident that was no accident. The plot thickens as modern airliners begin to fall out of the sky. Bad luck or the world's first techno-terror criminals? 

Pilate's Ghost involves nine FSX missions  that will challenge fixed wing, rotary wing and even glider skills.  

All 8 aircraft are default FSX with Acceleration models.  No additional purchases required.  Each aircraft has a detailed livery specifically developed for its role in the story.

Now Available at:
Pilate's Ghost Promo Video

Minimum Technical Specs:  
To run MS FSX, a Windows Experience Index of at least 4.0 is recommended. Pilate's Ghost Missions were successfully tested on a PC with a Windows Experience Index of 4.1.

The missions were developed on a PC wit the following specs:
- CPU & Memory: an Intel® Pentium®  G630 2x CPU at 27.70 Ghz each; 4 Gb of RAM.  
- Graphics card: an Intel® HD Graphics Family.  
- OS: Windows Home Premium with SP1. 

FSX with Acceleration required. 

The novel is provided in 3 formats that should work with most popular eReaders or eReader apps.



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 "Using an interesting melding of fiction and simming, author Will Kotheimer takes us on a journey filled with intrigue, danger, and flying adventures with his simNovel – Pilate’s Ghost." 
     - Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth

OP TOM - a short historical simNovel for HGS' Fleet Traffic - US Navy

Operation TOMODACHI was the US military Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief campaign in Japan following the 2011 triple disaster –Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Meltdown.

Focusing on maritime operations, OP TOM uses Haze Gray Studios' Fleet Traffic to accurately depict the ships involved.  With Fleet Traffic, you will experience the most accurate simulation of naval aviation available.  Each class of ship has its own unique challenges that must be mastered for mission success. 

Based on the first-hand experiences of the author (Joint Support Force TOMODACHI J2) the simNovel includes ten FSX helicopter Missions; seven based on sorties actually flown and three "What If" scenarios that explore what might have happened had the damaged nuclear reactors gone super critical.  

Flying from small flight decks, battling the elements and constantly at risk of deadly radiation exposure, you will take on the roles of four US Navy 7th Fleet pilots as they struggle to bring support, aid and solace to a beleaguered Japan.  

Do you have what it virtually takes to keep Operation TOMODACHI's motto, "Don't Give Up!"

HGS Fleet Traffic Required.  Available at:

OP TOM Promo Video

Bad Seeds

esci Flightsim Publications has "gone back to our roots" and has started on a simNovel – working title, "Bad Seeds".

  Like Pilate's Ghost, this project is being developed for the default FSXA aircraft.  

  Unlike our previous simNovel, if you legally own a 3rd party aircraft that is comparable to the default aircraft in a mission, you will have the option of visiting the esci website and download the files necessary to swap in your aircraft, absolutely free.  Each mission will include at least one comparable substitution aircraft.    

  Further, this simNovel will be the first designed for ORBX's OpenLC Europe, giving it a look and feel much closer to reality.

  Stay tuned for screen sots ad updates!