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by Hangar 200 on 12/29/17


esci is Happy to Announce "OP TOM - a short historical simNovel for HGS' Fleet Traffic - US Navy"

Operation TOMODACHI was the US military Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief campaign in Japan following the 2011 triple disaster–Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Meltdown.

Focusing on maritime operations, OP TOM uses Haze Gray Studios' Fleet Traffic to accurately depict the ships involved.  With Fleet Traffic, you will experience the most accurate simulation of naval aviation available.  Each class of ship has its own unique challenges that must be mastered for mission success. 

Based on the first-hand experiences of the author (Joint Support Force TOMODACHI J2) the simNovel includes ten FSX helicopter Missions; seven based on sorties actually flown and three "What If" scenarios that explore what might have happened had the damaged nuclear reactors gone super critical.  

Flying from small flight decks, battling the elements and constantly at risk of deadly radiation exposure, you will take on the roles of four US Navy 7th Fleet pilots as they struggle to bring support, aid and solace to a beleaguered Japan.  

Do you have what it virtually takes to keep Operation TOMODACHI's motto, "Don't Give Up!"

Svalbard-Longyear (ENSB) now available for X-Plane and ORBX EU Norway

by Hangar 200 on 03/21/17
​​​​​​​The wait is finally over…even for some of you who didn’t realize you were waiting. esci Flightsim Publications, in conjunction with developer Martin Alapnes, are proud to announce two updated FSX Svalbard Longyear scenery packages and an X-plane version of ENSB! All are available on the esci site.

Martin Elapses developed a wonderful  X-Plane ENSB based of the esci FSX version. When we first saw Martin’s development screen shots we immediately recognized his talent. We even joined him online for a flight out of ENSB that really highlighted the features he had crafted. Additionally, the terrain fidelity of X-Plane allows for a more realistic environment. In a word, Martin’s work is awesome. You can check out more of his work – especially his Santa Barbara Municipal Airport – at  x-plane.org  (search on “giant unicorn”).

As for the FSX versions, the original version was unfortunately not compatible with ORBX’s outstanding EU Norway. There were a lot of technically challenging issues that had to be “sorted” with the rest of ORBX’s treatment of the Svalbard Archipelago. It was tricky. A “one size fits all” approach simply did not work. So we produce two packages; one compatible with ORBX EU Norway scenery (whether it's on or off in the FTX Central) and a version for the standard FSX scenery.

So whether you are an FSX or X-Plane flight simmer, fire up an SAS B737 or A321 and Head North to Svalbard Longyear.

by Hangar 200 on 03/21/17

esci Flightsim Publications is honored to have our simNovel, Pilate's Ghost, reviewed by Chris Frishmuth of MUDSPIKE.com , one of the most influential flights on the web today.  

"Using an interesting melding of fiction and simming, author Will Kotheimer takes us on a journey filled with intrigue, danger, and flying adventures with his simNovel – Pilate’s Ghost." - Chris Frishmuth

Read the entire review here.

MUDESPIKE Review of Pilate's Ghost