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What is a simNovel?  esci is changing the way you will look at FSX missions!  Introducing the simNovels.  Each simNovel will provide an intriguing story in an e-book format.  At critical points in the story, you will take the controls of an aircraft and "become" one of the characters.   Successfully complete a mission–forward the plot of the story.  simNovels are intriguing, challenging but most of all immersive.  

Minimum Technical Specs:  
To run MS FSX, a Windows Experience Index of at least 4.0 is recommended. Pilate's Ghost Missions were successfully tested on a PC with a Windows Experience Index of 4.1.

The missions were developed on a PC wit the following specs:
- CPU & Memory: an Intel® Pentium®  G630 2x CPU at 27.70 Ghz each; 4 Gb of RAM.  
- Graphics card: an Intel® HD Graphics Family.  
- OS: Windows Home Premium with SP1. 

FSX with Acceleration required. 

The novel is provided in 3 formats that should work with most popular  eReaders or eReader apps.
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 The Story:  

 It all started with a routine charter flight, that was definitely not routine. The the charter pilot takes on an extra flight to help a friend and in doing so, becomes a marked man. A Swiss Air Force Colonel is tasked with investigating an aircraft accident that was no accident. The plot thickens as modern airliners begin to fall out of the sky. Bad luck or the world's first techno-terror criminals? 

  Pilate's Ghost involves nine FSX missions  that will challenge fixed wing, rotary wing and even glider skills.  

   All 8 aircraft are default FSX with Acceleration models.  No additional purchases required.  Each aircraft has a detailed livery specifically developed for its role in the story
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 "Using an interesting melding of fiction and simming, author Will Kotheimer takes us on a journey filled with intrigue, danger, and flying adventures with his simNovel – Pilate’s Ghost." 
     - Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth