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Sixty-Six 33 - First Look!
  After many months of hard work, esci Flightsim Publications has unfortunately been forced to cancel the Sixty-Six 33 project.  As can be seen from the screenshots, scenery design and aircraft repaints were coming along nicely and the missions were not far behind.  Unfortunately, there were some legal hurdles with regard getting permissions for third party aircraft to be included.  While only using a standard FSX aircraft would certainly have fixed the issue, it would not have brought many of the challenges found in flying old piston-engined aircraft in the cold and unforgiving Arctic environment. 

  That challenge was at the heart of Sixty-Six 33. Without it we were left with fairly easy and uninteresting missions.  Thus the decisionwas made to cancel rather than deliver a substandard product.

Sixty-Six 33's home base is Ilulisaat, Greenland.  Located on Greenland's west coast at  69°14' North /  051° 03' West.  It is one of the region's bigger airports!

Sixty-Six 33 is the name of the Air Charter company central to the plot.  Their one aircraft is an amphibian named "Isbjørn" … that means  "Polar Bear" in Danish.

All main features–like this firehouse at Ilulistaat– at airfields in the simNovel's plot will have custom main scenery based on the actual infrastructure.  (Note the Polar Bear logo on the aircraft tail)
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So What is Next ?…"Bad Seeds" a simNovel
  esci Flightsim Publications has "gone back to our roots" and are well started on a simNovel–working title, "Bad Seeds".

  Like Pilate's Ghost, this project is being developed for the default FSXA aircraft.  

  Unlike our previous simNovel, if you legally own a 3rd party aircraft that is comparable to the default aircraft in a mission, you will have the option of visiting the esci website and down load the the files necessary to swap in your aircraft, absolutely free.  Each mission will include at least one comparable substitution aircraft.    

  Further, this simNovel will be the first designed for ORBX's OpenLC Europe, giving it a look and feel much closer to reality.

  Stay tuned for screen sots ad updates!