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With minimal expense and effort, esci products enable you to get the most out of the flight simulation adventure.
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    esci is proud to announce that its first simNovel, Pilate's Ghost is available on line.
It includes 9 challenging missions, 8 unique liveries for FSX aircraft, more than a dozen detailed scenery areas and a 144 page novel!  
Get your copy today!
  You are a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot sent out over the North Sea in bad weather to find a stricken cruise liner and MEDEVAC an injured passenger.

 This is a challenging mission utilizes Simvar, a simple add-on for FSX missions (included). SimVar gives you a virtual copilot to handle communications, navigation and GPS tasks…tasks that are impossible for a single virtual helicopter pilot to accomplish while flying… without putting his helicopter “into the dirt”.

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North Sea SAR Mission - Free
Svalbard-Longyear (ENSB)
X-Plane / FSX / FSX with ORBX Norway
esci Free Stuff
Welcome to the Top of the World

esci Martin Alapnes present Svalbard Longyear Airport for X-Plane, FSX, or FSX using ORBX's EU Norway Scenery.    (see Free Stuff
MUDESPIKE Review of Pilate's Ghost
Christmas came early for esci., one of the leading Flightsim sites for News, Reviews and Forums on the web has published a published a thorough review of esci's simNovel Pilate's Ghost.  See what they had to say here.  Take a look for your self here.